Batoul Damascene Gourmet

We want to share the spirit of Damascus with you, its intensely flavoured and sensory foods artfully prepared from colourful and vibrant foods fresh from the markets.

Where fragrant herbs fill the streets and a spirit of warmth and generous hospitality makes you feel welcome at any table.

We established Batoul Damascene Gourmet to bring you authentic Damascene cuisine in the heart of Vasteras, with every dish prepared as it has been for centuries, using only the freshest ingredients possible. With traditional spices ground in house to ensure the best flavour and most distinctive taste.

Here at Batoul Damascene Gourmet, we aim to share the wonders of Damascus, celebrating its different cultures and flavours.

With a genuine Syrian chef, live music, traditional dancing, games and shisha, we hope to weave the romance and magic of the Levant with the rich heritage of Damascene culture and all its exquisitely prepared, tantalising food.