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Our Story

“Hun” is a colloquial Damascene word which means “here”, and here in Sweden we carry Damascus with us.

We carry Damascus and with her the seven gates, the seven branches of the Barada River, and the sultry mid-summer-shade of jasmine trees on the tables that hold her rich dishes.

We bring with us our grandmother’s kitchen with its holiday breakfasts of beans, chickpeas and waffles.

We bring many lunch meals and dinner pots of renowned Damascene cuisine, including dishes of milled wheat balls, stuffed vine leaves, meat and fragrant spices.

We didn’t forget the light meals and snacks; the pies, the sweets, and the world-famous Syrian pastries. Our heritage is as much as part of us as our food, with tambourine and drum loops heralding the ‘dabke’, a traditional Arabian folk dance performance. Many fun hours can also be spent playing dice tables or the ever-popular Syrian game Barjees.

We carry with us the bride and groom’s wedding songs and all the customary celebrations.

We bring Damascus here with us.


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Batoul Damascene Gourmet

Batoul Damascene Gourmet is passionate about providing the most authentic and delicious Damascene fare. Whether a small dinner party or a large banquet, our catering team will be happy to discuss your requirements, meeting any particular preferences or special needs.

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